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Free job posting

Jobs are free to post on SkillTagz. It takes only a few minutes to create a profile and post jobs – just select the skills you require and add basic info.

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We match you with talent who have the skills and experience you need. Swipe to show interest – if they tag you back, start chatting in-app to exchange details and arrange interviews!

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Blind Screening mode

By selecting blind screening mode, you don’t see names and pictures.

You can use this to show you use a bias free screening process.

Spotlight Jobs

You can upgrade your job to a featured Spotlight Job - crowdsource your position and reward the successful candidates! We take a 20% success fee on Spotlight Jobs and pass on the entire amount to the successful candidate (70%) and their referrer (30%). By rewarding talent and referrers, we make your job attractive to everyone!

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